El Portal Web Features

El Portal Web Features.

Write West. We want stories, poems, photography, and art about West. West is a bullet-riddled ’85 Grand Marquis, a gleaming spaceship hovering over Roswell, a cowboy paying his latte with the Amex-card, an alien wondering where in the world to get the golden iPhone. West is where it hurts, West is the rattlesnake you didn’t hear, the dust storm sanding your car, the champagne underneath the Hollywood sign, the checkout line of a grocery store that doesn’t carry mandarin-orange segments in fruit juice, green-chile and cheese burritos from the 24-hour gas station. West is when there’s no West left. West is where you always wanted to be.

Rights. Upon acceptance, El Portal acquires: 1) worldwide rights to publish a(n) artist’s/writer’s contribution (i.e., flash fiction, short story, essay, etc.) in any El Portal-affiliated media (official website, official Facebook page, etc.); 2) exclusive worldwide rights for a period of ninety (90) business days from the date of El Portal‘s first publication of the web feature (i.e., contributor’s submission) in question; 3) non-exclusive perpetual rights to republish, store, syndicate, or distribute the web feature or portions of the web feature (submission) in English; and 4) the right to use the contributor’s name and likeness in a fair and dignified manner and to publish information about the contributor in connection with the advertising and promotion of El Portal and of the web feature (submission) in question. 5) When exclusive rights expire after ninety (90) business days, the artist/writer is free to seek publication elsewhere, but El Portal  must be credited in all subsequent publications of the web feature (submission) in question. 6) All rights granted by this agreement are granted in perpetuity and applicable in all media including, but no limited to, all electronic media, internet, wireless or mobile platforms whether now known or hereafter created. 7) If a(n) artist/writer wishes to withdraw a web feature (submission) from the El Portal website, s/he can do so within thirty (30) business days prior to the publication of the web feature (submission) on El Portal-affiliated media. Requests for withdrawing content can be directed to the editor at el.portal@enmu.edu. 8) Artists/writers retain the copyrights of their respective web features to El Portal.

Publishing and Publication Cycle. El Portal’s web features are published monthly, usually around the first two weeks of each month during the publishing period. El Portal web features are published between the months of August and May. Please note that El Portal web features are published separately from the El Portal journal.


  • Flash Fiction (less than 500 words)
  • Short Stories (up to 4,000 words)
  • Creative Nonfiction (up to 4,000 words)
  • Poetry (up to 5 poems)
  • Art & Photography (300 dpi JPEG)

Please submit all written work in .doc, .docx, or .rtf formats. With the exception of poetry and art/photography, please limit entries to one story or essay.

Payment. El Portal does not pay contributors for submissions of any kind. If you have any questions about payment, please feel free to contact El Portal‘s editor at el.portal@enmu.edu.

Simultaneous Submissions. El Portal does not allow for simultaneous submissions in the Flash Fiction, Short Story, or Creative Nonfiction categories. However, El Portal does accept simultaneous submissions for the Poetry and Art/Photography categories. Please contact the editor if you have questions about simultaneous submissions.

Questions. For questions concerning the El Portal‘s web features, please e-mail the editor at el.portal@enmu.edu.


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