Shattered Stars

December Web Feature by Cody Wilhelm

Cody Wilhelm is an English Major attending ENMU. Cody enjoys writing poems in his free time; his pieces attempt to capture universal human experiences and express intense emotional reactions to various interpersonal relationships. Cody is from Lubbock, Texas. 

Shattered Stars by Cody Wilhelm

You are a galaxy.

An infinite abyss of wonder

but something broke you,

Swallowed all your planets,

extinguished your comets,

and shattered your stars.

A Black Hole came and didn’t stop

Until it consumed all of your life and stole all of your light.

It took everything until you were full of nothingness.

And you didn’t even see it coming, because Black Holes hide all the light that shows them.

I think your favorite planet, was the one that rained diamonds for days,

In a place where days lasted weeks.

And your favorite Sun was the one

That exploded with the most intense fury

Filling a whole solar system with the color of its fire.

He took your moons

And he took your suns,

Stole a piece of you.

You’ve always wanted to save rough men,

But this one showed such tenderness in his eyes that were pits of black.

You promised you’d never let go

As he drowned in the depths of himself.

But he pulled you into the currents of his hatred,

drowned you out in darkness

That you couldn’t outshine.

No matter how many supernovas you conjured in your vastness,

or the delicacy of your intentions.

You are a sea of shattered stars,

Helpless to be pulled back together.

Published by

El Portal

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