El Portal: Eastern New Mexico University’s Literary Journal

Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine, El Portal, offers a unique venue for the work of writers, artists and photographers.

Though founded in 1939 as the creative forum for the students, faculty, and staff of Eastern New Mexico University, it was Dr. Jack Williamson who gave us the name El Portal, along with his vision to showcase the region through art. Since then, we hold a soft spot for the West, but our eclectic tastes make us open to everything. Our mission is in our name: El Portal is the door. We open our doors to poetry and fiction, photography and art, non-fiction and flash works as we strive to share works that transgress boundaries, straddle borders, and most importantly, move us.

ENMU students, national, and international writers are welcome to submit their original, previously unpublished short stories, creative nonfiction, poetry, photography and art. No entry fees are charged. Cash prizes are awarded to first-, second- and third-place winners in each category (eligibility limited to ENMU students).

El Portal continues to be published biannually thanks to Dr. Jack Williamson, a world-renowned science fiction writer and professor emeritus at ENMU who underwrote the publication.

Photo: Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, NM Photo #3 © 2019 Linda Sumption

Monthly Web Features

Supreme Decisions

Supreme Decisions  –Jim Piatt Promises, discarded, broken, lie beside other dusty laws of the past, trampled under the grime of ideology: Hopes, shattered lives thrown into the pit of Indifference born of greed…ignorance, untried principles: Compassion wilting in the darkness of shattered dreams, kindness melted into the fiscal indifference of our time, all under the … Continue reading Supreme Decisions


July Web Feature THE TRUMPETER –John Grey No one noticed his brown eyes, receding hairline, or the goatee poking out of his chin. He was only ever the trumpet he played. On stage, that was understandable. His mouth was wide open and brass. His fingers, valve slides and buttons. But, even on the street, he … Continue reading THE TRUMPETER