Prize Winners

Fall 2020


1st                      Mike Matthews, “Silly Love Songs”

2nd                    Emily Priddy, “Bad Omen: January 1961”

3rd                    Sara Kinard, “I’m Not Afraid. Are You?”


1st                      Cody Wilhelm, “What We Felt and Forgot”

2nd                    Tenika Heidelberg, “Fingers Crossed”

3rd                    Lucy Martinez, “Burning Flowers”


1st                      Raven Lente, “Medusa’s Pain”

2nd                    Paula Jennings, “The Wedding Night”

3rd                    Raven Lente, “Selkie”

Fall 2019


1st                    Natalie Franco Torres for “A Second Chance”

2nd                  Timothy Gettle for “The Light of a Lavender Sky”


1st                    “Bicycle” by Cody Wilhelm 

2nd                  “Another Myth” by Bridget Richardson 

3rd                  “Laid to Rest” by Falyn Benavidez 

Visual Art:

1st                    Michael Gardner‘s “Enchanting”

2nd                Katherine Perelas‘s “Serene and Quiet”


Fall 2017


1st                      Lyndon Ashcraft-Foreman

2nd                    Julia Simmons


1st                      Katelyn Ross

2nd                    Ryan Galloway

Visual Art:

1st                      Ryan Galloway                         “Untitled”

Fall 2016


1st                       Wesley Martin                 “Grubber Ludwig”

2nd                     Mary Murphy                   “The Last Guardian”

3rd                      Julia Simmons                 “Eyes Open”


1st                        Haley Madden                 “The Astronauts Rainbow”

2nd                     Katelyn Ross                      “The Nothing You Left Behind”


1st                        Kaitlynn Roberts                     “Into the Abyss”

2nd                      Michaela Browder                   “Untitled”


Spring 2015


1st                        Luke Johnson                 “Cowards”

2nd                     Jessica Gilmore               “My Number is Four”

3rd                      Marzia Dessi                    “Take Her, Lift Her, Look at Her”


1st                        Laura Steele                     “Sunset Overlooking the

                                                                           Rail Yard, Clovis, NM”

2nd                      Carla Ruiz                         “Western”

3rd                       Geovanny Lujan              “Suits and Ties”

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