Meditation on Teenagers

July Web Feature by Emily Eddins

Emily Eddins is a multi-genre author of poems, short stories and essays. Her poetry, creative nonfiction, and short fiction have appeared in more than twenty publications including the Willow Review, The Louisville Review, The Round, Toad Suck Review, Forge, Front Porch, The Cape Rock, and others. Her humorous essay collection, Altitude Adjustment, reached the Top Five in the Amazon Kindle Hot New Releases section for 90-minute short biographies. She holds a BA from Vanderbilt University and an MA from Georgetown University, and lives in Northern California with her family.

Meditation on Teenagers by Emily Eddins

If I could hold onto the peace of five a.m.

The quiet hum of the refrigerator

The songbirds softly whistling

As if happiness is their natural state

If I could hold onto the butter yellow clouds

Illuminated by the prospect of today

Or the slight breeze wiggling the aspen leaves

As if to say, “Good Morning, life”

Then when you launch yourself at me

with words hotter than the mid-day sun

Instead of stoking the red coal of my resentment

I would feel it melt away

Like the calming touch of mist on morning

Like the chickadee’s last note

Our words would fly up and disappear

Into a blameless turquoise sky


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