El Portal – Fall 2015 Edition


Readers can now access the PDF version of El Portal’s Fall 2015 issue.  Click on the image above to access the PDF file.  If you have any questions about the Fall 2015 issue, please feel free to contact the editor at el.portal@enmu.edu.

Full List of Contributors:

Sreyash Sarkar “Whirligig”

Justin J. Murphy “Space-time Snakebite Continuum Blues”

Alex Neely “A Trailer”

Christopher Mulrooney “wicked”

Gloria Keeley “The Paddlewheel Steamboat”

William C. Blome “Simpson and Galina”

John Wojtowicz “Entwined”

Jim Gustafson “Necessary”

Chase Dearinger “Statehood”

Ernest Williamson “The Guilt and Innocence of Love Interrupted”

Ernest Williamson “The Master”

Ernest Williamson “Asia + Emmanuel + Africa = Completion”

Matti Bratcher “The Vastness of New Mexico”

Geovanny Lujan “Leaning Tree”

Geovanny Lujan “Haunted”

Daniel Cantagallo “Billboard, Philadelphia”

Jeffrey Alfier “The Rock Over Kerrera Sound”

Sasha Kasoff “Awake”

Luke Johnson “Leaden Oceans”

Luke Johnson “Throat”

Elena Botts “spring snow:”

Manuel Trevizo “Overcast Judgement”

Alexander Pappalardo “The Well-Traveled Man”

Woodrow Hightower “Twin Revolutions”

Daniel Moore “Morality Crush”

Published by

El Portal

Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine, El Portal, offers a venue for the work of writers, artists and photographers. ENMU students, national, and international writers are welcome to submit their original, previously unpublished short stories, plays, poetry and photography. No entry fees are charged. Cash prizes are awarded to first-, second- and third-place winners in each category (only ENMU students qualify). El Portal is published each semester at Eastern thanks to Dr. Jack Williamson, a world-renowned science fiction writer and professor emeritus at ENMU who underwrote the publication. El Portal has been published since 1939.