Spring 2015


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Readers can now access the PDF version of El Portal‘s spring 2015 issue.  Click on the image above to access the PDF file.  If you have any questions about the Spring 2015 issue, please feel free to contact the editor at el.portal@enmu.edu.

Full list of contributors:

Sean E. Jackson “Perfect Tandoori” (Fiction)

Alexandria LaFaye “Shere” (Poetry)

Alyse Richmond “Street-Wide Silence” (Poetry)

G.D. McFetridge “Los Pescadores” (Fiction)

Allison Whittenberg “Wait for Rain” (Poetry)

James Gaines “Red River of the North” (Poetry)

Frank Haberle “Rosie” (Fiction)

Marzia Dessi “Sometimes Hear besides Pleasant Whining” and “Take her, lift her, look at her” (Poetry)

Cully Perlman “City of Crosses” (Fiction)

Yuan Changming “Modern Civilization” and “Directory of Destiny” (Poetry)

Carla Ruiz “Western” (Art/Photography)

Manuel Raul Trevizo “Regurgitated Metaphor” (Poetry)

Colin Dodds “Sermon in the Hole” (Poetry)

Jenni Baros “Poor Joe” (Fiction)

Simon Perchik “As if each wave was being pardoned” (Poetry)

Diane Lefer “The Way I See It” (Poetry)

Jessica Gilmore “My Number is Four” (Poetry)

Craig Loomis “The Ballad of Daryl Germany” (Fiction)

Matthew Woodman “Long-Lived Instrument Stations” and “Indeterminate Unity” (Poetry)

Geovanny Lujan “Suits and Ties”; “The Horsemen”; and “The Blues” (Art/Photography)

Guadalupe Carolla “Suspiros De Veranos” and “Summer Sighs” (Poetry)

Philip Parotti “Notes of Some of Our Lesser Known Ghost Towns”

Gloria Keeley “The Color of Honey” (Poetry)

Dan Shurley “Lives” (Fiction)

Tracie Campell “My Nightmare” (Poetry)

Jordan Runyan “How to Continue: 15 Easy Steps”

Laura Steele “A Good Place to Rest” and “Sunset Overlooking the Rail Yard, Clovis, NM” (Art/Photography)

Luke Johnson “Cowards” (Poetry)

R.J. Fox “Forever” (Fiction)

Isabelle Sacket “Progressing” (Poetry)

11 thoughts on “Spring 2015”

    1. Gloria,

      This is the IT Manager for El Portal (Greg Rapp). I have only fixed the errors on the website. I do not know about the status of the Winter 2015 issue itself. Please contact the editor (Alexandra Itzi) about possible errors within the upcoming issue. I do apologize if I misled you with my previous comment.

      Best Regards,
      Greg Rapp


  1. Sorry but I have another question. The contributors listed above, are we in the Spring 2015 issue or the Winter 2015 issue? The heading at top says Winter 2015 but the photo of the magazine says Spring 2015. Thank you for your time.


    1. Gloria,
      It was originally Winter 2015. However, we believed it was too confusing to have Fall and Winter published side by side. It is now Fall and Spring. Sorry for the confusion.


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