El Portal FAQ

What is El Portal?

El Portal is Eastern New Mexico University’s literary journal.

For more information on El Portal and its history, click here.

How many issues does El Portal publish each year and when?

El Portal publishes two issues per year: our Spring issue (which coincides with ENMU’s Spring semester) and our Fall issue (which coincides with ENMU’s Fall semester). Because we are a university publication, we are unable to provide exact publication dates for our issues; however, readers and contributors can expect the Spring issue to be printed and distributed no later than the end of April and the Fall issue to be printed and distributed no later than the end of November. The online PDF version of each issue will be posted here on the website within two weeks of the initial distribution.

Who can submit?

El Portal accepts submissions internationally. Submissions from ENMU students have the special opportunity to win cash prizes (1st-3rd place) in the categories of fiction, poetry, and photography/art.

What types and genres of work can I submit?

El Portal accepts fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. More specific guidelines pertaining to length and number of submissions can be found here. Our terms of submission can be found here.

Although El Portal has an overall atmosphere of the Western and Sci-Fi genres–what we call “West“–we will gladly accept and consider work from any genre. Submissions are published on a basis of talent, content, and editorial needs.

When are the submission periods and deadlines for each issue?

The submission periods for each issue are as follows:

  • Fall Issue: January 1st – March 31st
  • Spring Issue: August 1st – October 31st

The deadlines for each issue are

  • Fall Issue: March 31st
  • Spring Issue: October 31st

Where can I submit?

All submissions must be emailed to el.portal@enmu.edu by the deadline for consideration.

What if I still have questions?

Any additional questions can be emailed to el.portal@enmu.edu, where we will gladly answer to the best of our abilities.