Thinking West: The Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge: noun. The forefront of innovation or development, esp. in science or technology, typically when still theoretical or experimental in nature. The most advanced stage of a technology, art, etc., usually experimental and risky. 

The frontier is often seen as a hardscrabble place. In our imagination, the frontier is located somewhere in the mystical (mythical) West, the Occident. The frontier is a place with six-foot cacti and scruffy (macho) men galloping on horseback, shooting wildly in every which direction. However, the frontier is much more than that in the modern context. The frontier we see today is still a hardscrabble one. It is a frontier that mixes high stakes investment, corporate intrigue, and the bleeding edge of technology. Today’s frontier is filled with geekier, business savvy types, who know about things like C++. Cybersecurity, and the inner workings of the Information Superhighway. This new frontier is full of risk. It has seen its share of booms and busts. It has tempted a great number of lonely prospectors and misguided investors looking for grandiose riches amongst the unruly fringes of its borders. It has created great barons and giants of industry. It has left behind its fair share of ghost towns and rotting infrastructure….