Thinking West: The Occident

Occident*: noun, adjective, or verb. 1.) Chiefly used in poetry and literary texts as a noun.  The part of the world situated to the west of some recognized region; spec. the countries, civilization, or culture of the West. Originally with reference to Western Christendom or the Western Roman Empire, or to Europe as opposed to Asia and the Orient; now usually with reference to Europe and America as opposed to Asia and the Orient, or occas. to America or the Western hemisphere as opposed to the Old World. 2). The quarter or region of the sky in which the sun and other celestial objects set; the corresponding quarter or region of the earth; the west. b). adj. Situated in the west, western, occidental. 3). trans. verb. To turn or direct towards the west; to place (a church) with the chancel at the western end.

*Definition sources: “Occident, n. and adj.”. OED Online. September 2014. Oxford University Press. (accessed October 27, 2014) and “occident, v.”. OED Online. September 2014. Oxford University Press. (accessed October 27, 2014).

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